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Birthdate:May 6

We're all hunting for something
Something we don't know what
'Cause none of us are satisfied with things we know we've got.
We all forget about moonlight,
As soon as we've given our vow
But we'd all be so happy if we'd start and sing right now:

Oh, we ain't got a barrel of money,
Maybe we're ragged and funny
But we'll travel along
Singing a song
Side by side.

Isabella Radcliffe between the ages of birth and eighteen.

Interests (113):

1912-1930, a good fuck, acting, alzina, andy andy andy, andy's friends, being a bit spoiled, being hard to get (sometimes), being in love with andy, being loud with theo, being naked!!!, being on top, big dumb heads, bootleggers, boys, breasts, burlesque, calliope wagons, caro, chicago, chorus lines, circuses, curly hair, dancing, dancing with andy, double acts, dressing in drag, drink, driving motorcars fast fast fast!, eddie, elijah, elvis (bartlett), eula, fashion, flips, flowers made of paper, flying through the air, freckles, gabriel, ghosts, giraffes, girls, giving fish kisses, going to parties, going without underthings, goofing, having a best friend, hugging ian, ian! my gimpy!, jeremy, jumping on ian, kissing, learning english, london, love, love (mr love), loveletters, lulu, lumpy animals, making friends, making headlines, mathilde, michael, mister hank, moonlight, my best friend, my silver ring, my wings, never going back again, new orleans, new york city, not particularly ireland, not keys because i lose them, odile, orgasms, orgies, parties in ballrooms, people, performing, playing hard to get, reaching the big time, rouge, ruby, running away, sex, sheepies, silent films, singing, singing side by side, singing with ian on stage, sleeping over at elijah's, snow banks, stockings, stretching and bending, strip teases, talkies, tap dancing, teasing, teasing roustabouts, the charleston, the moon!, the russian triplets, theatre, theo (she's a girl), tightrope walking, trains, twirling, vaudeville, victoria, warehouse parties, wearing just underthings, wiggling, writing to andy
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